showing booksThe fun just never ends around here! On Dec. 14, the 4th grade students in Mrs. Jen McQuitty’s class in Hooper, CO, and their counterparts in Steve Bergen’s computer class in Harlem, NY, shared what books they are reading with each other. Forty kids in all took turns stepping up to webcams in their classrooms with their books and reports in hand. They discovered that they like to read a lot of the same authors, play the same sports and some of them even have first names in common. Harlem’s Dylan and Jasmine smiled broadly when they were introduced to Hooper’s equally happy Dylan and Jasmine.


student reportEven as their teachers signed-off, the kids’ work was not finished. They’ll be emailing book reports to each other, along with pictures of themselves. Of course, with me involved, there’s a plan in the works to include pennies in their future correspondence. We’re calling it Penny Pals. More to come on that.