Yes, Lisa, there really is a National Lucky Penny Day

May 23rd is National Lucky Penny Day! What?! How did I not know this? I am The Penny Lady.

The Muse Haunting

Maybe it started with me teasing my daughter about joining me in a Zombie 5k next weekend.  Feeling pretty good after improving my own time during a 3.1 mile run earlier in the morning, I’d begun Googling runs in Denver that I might try. My oldest daughter...

A sign

I debated buying the $5.99 magazine or just browsing through a copy, but then I thought that if I’m serious about this writing thing, I needed to make the small investment.  With tax, the July/August issue of Writer’s Digest magazine came to $6.47. I handed the Barnes...

Starting Over

If I had a penny for every day that has passed since my last blog posting, I'd have enough money for a movie ticket, maybe. But not in 3D or for popcorn and a coke. Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway), a lot of time has gone by, so much in fact, that I had to...

Little penny,
where have you been?
Who has held you,
traded you in?
In all the days since
you left the Mint,
Where in the world
have you been sent