How else do I explain my absence from my blog page? Like a penny that slips silently from a pocket into the deep swallows of couch cushions, the twists and turns in my life since the last posting have sent me to places I’d never expected to be in 2010. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Like that cent in the sofa, I’ve listened to a lot of interesting conversations, felt some rather odd sensations, and finally arrived at the realization that I’ve been just where I needed to be…up until now.

A little blonde-headed, hazeled-eyed girl, in search of a missing pink Barbie slipper, approached me with great excitement and showed me–not a tiny plastic shoe–but a tarnished penny that she’d discovered under our sofa cushions. The one question she asked was all it took for me to get back to penny things. “How do you think it got there, Mommy?”And so, with new vim and vigor, I polished the found cent, set it by my laptop and began to listen for an answer to my daughter’s question. I am also now working on updating my internet presence. Please check for future postings on my new blog at